• B&W dev/Noritsu scan
  • B&W dev/Noritsu scan
  • B&W dev/Noritsu scan
  • B&W dev/Noritsu scan
  • B&W dev/Noritsu scan
  • B&W dev/Noritsu scan

B&W dev/Noritsu scan

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File format:

135 and 120 type 

Scan equipment:

Noritsu HS-1800

The scan sizes for the 135 type (35 mm) are:

Flash - [ 3130x2075 px 6.11 Mb]

Biggie - [6774x4492 px 28.3 Mb]

The scan sizes for the 120 type (medium format film), are:


Flash - [2412х1766 px 9.1Mb]

Biggie - [4824x3533 px 18.2 Mb]


Flash - [2416x2380 px 12.5 Mb]

Biggie - [4832x4760 px 24.9 Mb]


Flash - [2951x2407 px 6.3 Mb]

Biggie - [5902x4815 px 12.6 Mb]


Flash - [3305x2451 px 17.7 Mb]

Biggie - [6610x4903 px 35.4 Mb]


Flash - [ 3569x2451 px 19.3 Mb ]

Biggie - [7139x4903 px 38.5 Mb ]



For most photos, JPG is the best option. But if you want to do your own special editing or deep correction, go with TIFF.

JPG scans you receive have already been post-processed and are ready to be published online or printed, for example. If you want to change the contrast/saturation/exposure of the scans, please contact us via email/whatsapp/instagram. We understand that the scanning is a matter of personal taste and would be happy to adjust them to your vision. 

TIFF scans, in contrast to JPG, are flat and require you to do all of your own editing and corrections.


Is a Push/Pull required?

If the lighting is poor, push can save your roll. Simply shoot all of your frames at a higher ISO (for example, Portra 400 as 800) and tell us to push the film. 

Your scans will turn out more contrasty and grainy. It can also be used for artistic purposes.

Important note: We do not recommend pushing an expired film. Just shoot it at a lower ISO and we'll develop it as a nominal.

Pull, in contrast to push, make your photos low-contrast and pastel. 

Important note: if you overexpose your film for 1 stop – it’s ok and pull isn’t necessary